Hotels near Snyder School

Nearby Places
Communication Investigations in a Multicultural Atmosphere Senior High School (0.1 miles)
International Studies Senior High School (0.1 miles)
Learn Explore Achieve Discover and Serve Senior High School (0.1 miles)
Media Visual and Performing Arts Senior High School (0.1 miles)
San Diego High Educational Complex Senior High School (0.1 miles)
Science and Technology Senior High School (0.1 miles)
Copley Symphony Hall (0.2 miles)
Associated Technical College (0.2 miles)
San Diego County Family Court (0.2 miles)
KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy (0.2 miles)
San Diego County Probate Court (0.2 miles)
Business Senior High School (0.2 miles)
World Trade Center (0.2 miles)
San Diego Downtown Senior Center (0.2 miles)
Balboa Stadium (0.3 miles)
San Diego Senior High School (0.3 miles)
Interchange 16B (0.3 miles)
San Diego City College (0.3 miles)
San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau (0.3 miles)
Church of Scientology (0.3 miles)
Amen Mission (0.3 miles)
Saint Joseph Cathedral (0.3 miles)
San Diego (0.3 miles)
Thatcher Building (0.3 miles)
San Diego City College Learning Resources Building (0.3 miles)
Episcopal Community Services (0.3 miles)
Inner City Baptist Church (0.3 miles)
San Diego Public Library (0.3 miles)
First Lutheran Church (0.4 miles)
Downtown San Diego Post Office (0.4 miles)
Luther Towers (0.4 miles)
California Western School of Law (0.4 miles)
International Christian Church of San Diego (0.4 miles)
Main Branch San Diego Post Office (0.4 miles)
First Presbyterian Church (0.4 miles)
Interchange 16A (0.4 miles)
Cortez Hill Academy (0.4 miles)
Horizon Christian Fellowship Church (0.4 miles)
Horizon Christian Fellowship Park Chapel (0.4 miles)