Hotels near Grantville School

Nearby Places
Grantville Park (0.0 miles)
Grantville (0.1 miles)
San Diego Gospel Hall (0.1 miles)
Faith Deliverance Church of God in Christ (0.2 miles)
Shiloh Spiritual Center (0.3 miles)
Mission Valley Church of the Nazarene (0.3 miles)
Kaiser Foundation Hospital San Diego (0.3 miles)
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses (0.3 miles)
Friars Road Shopping Center (0.4 miles)
Grantville Post Office (0.5 miles)
Grace Assembly Church (0.5 miles)
Genesis A New Beginning Church (0.6 miles)
Interchange 9 (0.6 miles)
Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala (0.6 miles)
Mission San Diego Library (0.6 miles)
Ex Mission San Diego (0.6 miles)
Alvarado Canyon (0.6 miles)
Mission San Diego de Alcala (0.6 miles)
De Anza Elementary School (0.6 miles)
Zion Avenue Baptist Church (0.7 miles)
Palisades Presbyterian Church (0.7 miles)
Foster Elementary School (0.8 miles)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (0.8 miles)
Ascension Lutheran Church Childrens Center (0.9 miles)
National University (0.9 miles)
Ascension Lutheran Church (0.9 miles)
Allied Gardens Shopping Center (0.9 miles)
Benjamin Branch San Diego Public Library (1.0 miles)
Allied Gardens-Benjamin Branch Library San Diego City Public Library (1.0 miles)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (1.0 miles)
Mission Valley Community Chapel (1.0 miles)
Allied Gardens Community Park (1.0 miles)
Interchange 7 (1.1 miles)
Allied Gardens Recreation Center (1.1 miles)
Murphy Canyon (1.1 miles)
Allied Gardens (1.1 miles)
Interchange 6B (1.1 miles)
Interchange 7 (1.1 miles)
San Diego State University Chapultepec Residence Hall (1.2 miles)